Wi-Fi Stick

Boost your monitoring capabilities

Connect our devices to any Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi Stick

The future is bright and powered by solar data

Experience the epitome of simplicity and convenience with our Wi-Fi stick solution designed for monitoring solar installations. The Wi-Fi stick offers a seamless connection and monitoring experience through the Solplanet app. 

Effortlessly integrate the Wi-Fi stick with the inverter, launch the Solplanet app, and establish an internet connection to unlock the powerful monitoring capabilities. This user-friendly solution ensures a straightforward and efficient process, providing users with instant access to vital information for a comprehensive monitoring experience. With our Wi-Fi stick, monitoring your inverters becomes a hassle-free and streamlined task.

Main Benefits

IP65-rated design​ for reliable outdoor use

Quick and easy, plug-and-play installation

Supports all mainstream WLAN & broadband networks

The Wi-Fi stick can manage up to 5 different devices

Minimum 7 days of secure data storage

Automatic data upload once a connection is established

Key Features

Plug & Play

This Wi-Fi stick features a compact device, measuring a mere 51 x 112 x 27 mm, and epitomizes the ‘plug & play’ experience. Simply insert it into our inverters, download our app, and easily connect the inverter to the internet for effortless setup and operation.

Reliable Monitoring

This versatile stick seamlessly supports a range of mainstream WLAN and broadband cellular network protocols, enabling it to monitor up to 5 inverters per stick. With a minimum of 7 days of secure data storage, the Wi-Fi stick automatically uploads all stored data once a connection is established, ensuring convenient and efficient data management.

User-friendly installation

Our commitment to excellence shines through in products tailored for distributors, installers, and end-users. Easy installation, reliability, and user-friendliness – our Wi-Fi Stick guarantees a seamless and pain-free data monitoring experience.

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