LAN/WLAN Ai-Dongle

Simplified and smart solar monitoring

Let accurate monitoring light up your life

LAN/WLAN Ai-Dongle

Bask in the sun and smart monitoring

Introducing our latest innovation for streamlined solar installation monitoring—the LAN/WLAN Ai-Dongle. This user-friendly device effortlessly elevates your Solplanet inverter data monitoring, providing an enhanced capacity to track your installation’s energy production around the clock through our intuitive mobile application.

Designed for resilience, our Ai-Dongle boasts IP66 waterproof certification, ensuring a steadfast connection to your inverter even in the most challenging weather conditions. The simplicity of the configuration process, coupled with tool-free installation, means your monitoring system can be operational in no time. Experience the convenience of efficient and weather-resistant monitoring with our LAN/WLAN Ai-Dongle, empowering you with comprehensive insights into your solar setup’s performance at any given moment.

Main Benefits

IP66-rated design​ for reliable outdoor use

Features smart zero-export control design

Supports all mainstream WLAN & broadband networks

Available 24/7 monitoring through Solplanet’s Cloud Service

Compatible with a wide range of Solplanet inverters

Automatic data uploads once a connection is established

Key Features

Compact and reliable design

Solplanet’s LAN/WLAN Ai-Dongle boasts a sleek and compact design, measuring a mere 170 x 50 x 30 mm. Its impressive IP66 certification ensures waterproof durability, allowing seamless installation in environments exposed to the most extreme weather conditions. This feature guarantees reliable performance regardless of rain or shine. The device’s resilience makes it an ideal choice for diverse settings, providing a versatile solution for individuals seeking a robust and weather-resistant Ai-Dongle.

User-friendly with intelligent monitoring

Once seamlessly integrated with your Solplanet app, the LAN/WLAN Ai-Dongle opens a gateway to continuous monitoring of your photovoltaic energy production. Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 surveillance, all at your fingertips. Whether it’s day or night, the power to oversee and analyze your solar energy generation is literally in the palm of your hand, providing you with real-time insights and empowering you to make informed decisions about your solar system’s performance.

Tool-free installation process

At Solplanet, simplifying the experience for our users and installers is our constant goal. The Ai-Dongle embodies simplicity – just plug it into your inverter and effortlessly complete the straightforward configuration process. No tools are required, ensuring an uncomplicated installation process. We prioritize user-friendly solutions, ensuring that our technology is not only advanced but also accessible and easy to use, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for both users and installers alike.

Connect and Monitor

App Store

Connect & monitor your plant by using our native mobile app from the Apple App Store

Google Play

Connect & monitor your plant by using our native mobile app from the Google Play Store

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