ASW 3-6kH-S2 Series

Powerfully upgraded hybrid inverters

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ASW 3-6kH-S2 Series

Our most popular hybrid single phase hybrid

The ASW 3-6kH-S2 series of single phase hybrid inverters have been designed for those who crave power, appreciate the latest advancements, and demand easy installation. The series elevates the already award-winning, easy-to-install design with powerful upgrades.

Aligned with Solplanet’s mission to make solar accessible to everyone, this robust and reliable inverter series boasts enhanced efficiency through advanced dual-phase shift control technology. Experience improved charge-discharge processes and lightning-fast parallel-to-off-grid switching. The intelligent EMS control ensures continuous tracking and adjustment of photovoltaic panel power, battery power, load power, and online power. With IP66 certification catering to both indoor and outdoor installations, performance is guaranteed, rain or shine. Elevate your solar experience with the ASW H-S2 series – power, efficiency, and reliability in one dynamic package.

Main Benefits

IP66-rated design​ for reliable outdoor use

Possible 150% oversizing with integrated DC switch

Maximum 16A input current
per string

Quick and easy installation
using standard tools

Compact and lightweight

Easy commissioning and monitoring with Solplanet app

Key Features

Millisecond-level switching speed

The ASW 3-6kH-S2 single phase hybrid inverter series introduces a remarkable millisecond-level switching speed, seamlessly transitioning from parallel to off-grid. System upgrades have enhanced the detection of grid disconnection, achieving a swift response in less than 10 ms. This unparalleled speed ensures a quicker transition from on-grid to off-grid, providing an uninterrupted power supply during blackouts. With the ASW H-S2 series, reliability and swift response become integral, offering peace of mind in every power transition scenario.

Increased Control

The ASW 3-6kH-S2 single phase hybrid inverter series features enhanced Intelligent Energy Management System control. This innovative system integrates smart tracking and continuous adjustment functionalities for PV Panels, batteries, loads, and online power. The result is optimized energy consumption and enhanced performance, ultimately reducing overall costs. This forward-thinking series redefines efficiency, ensuring a harmonious synergy between various components for maximum energy utilization and cost-effectiveness.


The ASW 3-6kH-S2 single phase hybrid inverters present exceptional capabilities with a maximum input of 550V (initial feed at 50V) and an input PV power array ranging from 5500 to 9000 Wp STC. Featuring two independent MPP trackers, each supporting a maximum input current of 16A, this adaptable inverter series offers output-rated power ranging from 3000W to 6000W and a 230 nominal voltage. Its versatility makes it highly sought-after for residential and small commercial installations, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

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