ASW 8-20K-LT-G2 Series

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ASW 8-20K-LT-G2 Series

Benchmark performance for smaller systems

The ASW 8-20K-LT-G2 series is our line of benchmark three phase solar inverters designed for use in small decentralized residential, commercial, and industrial systems. These high-performance and high-delivery inverters are extremely easy to install and commission and are designed to be reliable and low-maintenance. 

The ASW 8-20K-LT-G2 inverters feature a sleek design that is compact, wall-mountable, and IP66-rated, making them weatherproof and extremely durable. They have a wide MPP voltage range with a possible 150% oversizing of the PV array for flexibility and efficiency under a variety of conditions. Do you need an inverter that can power an energy-hungry system? The ASW 8-20K-LT-G2 series inverters feature a maximum input current of 13A per string making them a perfect pairing for bi-facial and large-area PV arrays.

Main Benefits

IP66-rated design​ for reliable outdoor use

Maximum 13A input current per string

Wide MPP voltage range 150 – 1000V

Quick and easy installation using standard tools

Easy commissioning and monitoring with Solplanet app

Built-in Type II DC & AC surge protection

Key Features


The ASW 8-20K-LT-G2 series was designed in accordance with international quality and safety standards and is a robust family of extremely reliable solar inverters. The IP66 certification rating also means these inverters will maintain their reliability in a wide range of environmental conditions. From a purely technical angle, the DC reverse polarity protection, AC sensitive residual current monitoring, and built-in surge protection functions ensure reliable and safe long-term operation.


Our ASW 8-20K-LT-G2 series solar inverters are designed for power. A maximum DC input of 13A and a wide MPP voltage range ensure highly optimised energy performance for bi-facial and large-area PV modules.​ These dynamic solar inverters also allow up to 150% oversizing of the attached PV array, making them perfect for residential rooftop solar installations that vary greatly in their design, scale, and purpose.

Installation & Monitoring

The ASW 8-20K-LT-G2 series is designed to be installed quickly and easily with standard tools and the Phoenix Contact DC connectors make these inverters compatible with a wide range of solar panels.  Optional Plug & Play and 4G dongles connect them to the internet and allow up to five to be monitored by Solplanet’s user-friendly mobile application. Users can view real-time solar installation data, configure their inverters, and receive system alerts, right in the palm of their hand.

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