Ai-LB Pro Series low-voltage batteries

Reliable solar energy storage solutions

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Ai-LB Pro Series low-voltage batteries

Unstoppable solar energy – day and night

Solplanet’s new Ai-LB Pro battery series is a cutting-edge solar energy storage solution designed to optimize solar energy utilisation day and night. With its user-friendly interface, superior reliability, and effortless installation process, the Ai-LB Pro series batteries are an ideal choice for households seeking to transition to renewable and cost-saving solar energy.

When paired with any of our hybrid inverters, the Ai-LB Pro series facilitates an uninterrupted solar power supply, maintaining energy independence even during grid outages. Its sleek and adaptable design is complemented by an IP65 weatherproofing rating that provides the flexibility to install an Ai-LB Pro battery in a variety of locations, seamlessly integrating it into any home environment for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Main Benefits

All-round BMS protection and LFP-safe technology

IP65-rated design​ for reliable outdoor use

Maximum discharging rate
up to 1ºC

Automatic identification of parallel master and slave machines

Charging at low temperature -5ºC

Easy to install modular design

The Solplanet app makes commissioning and monitoring easy

Key Features

Powerful and efficient

Our powerful and efficient Ai-LB Pro low-voltage batteries boast a maximum discharging rate of up to 1C, ensuring rapid energy deployment precisely when needed. With the ability to expand up to 160 kWh, they offer scalability and flexibility to meet diverse energy needs. Additionally, they feature automatic identification of parallel master and slave machines. These batteries also offer a variety of operational modes including self-consumption, time-of-use tariffs, and peak shaving.

Safe and reliable

The Ai-LB Pro series batteries are engineered with cutting-edge LFP-safe technology, ensuring safety and longevity. With all-round BMS protection, they offer comprehensive safeguarding against overcharging, over-discharging, short circuits, overheating, and cell imbalances. Their IP65-rated design ensures durability and resilience against harsh environmental conditions, and they can even charge at low temperatures (-5ºC), providing uninterrupted performance in various climates.

Easy installation & monitoring

The Ai-LB Pro series batteries offer seamless installation and robust monitoring capabilities. Their elegant design, featuring hidden cable connections, complements any space, while their compact and lightweight structure allows for flexible installation options, whether floor-mounted, wall-mounted, or stacked. With straightforward installation requiring only basic tools, setting up these batteries is effortless. Plus, users can conveniently monitor performance using the Solplanet app.

Connect and Monitor

App Store

Connect and monitor your battery using our mobile app available in the Apple App Store.

Google Play

Connect and monitor your battery using our mobile app available in the Google Play Store.

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