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Ai-Logger 1000

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Incorporating an Ai-Logger 1000 with your solar inverter offers marked advantages for efficient and flexible solar energy management. Continuous monitoring of your solar inverter’s performance enables the prompt detection of potential faults or malfunctions, reducing downtime through timely maintenance. The data logger features detailed energy analysis, allowing users to understand consumption patterns and optimize energy usage. Historical data storage further facilitates comprehensive trend analysis, aiding long-term performance assessments and informed decision-making.

Overall, an Ai-Logger 1000 is invaluable for effective system management, streamlined maintenance planning, and the assessment of return on investment in solar energy systems. It not only enhances real-time performance monitoring but also empowers users to make informed decisions for optimizing their solar energy systems and ensuring sustained efficiency over the long term.

Main Benefits

Compact and wall mount design

Ai-Logger 1000 can manage up to 80 different devices

Works with PV inverters, EV chargers, and smart meters

Smart controller with several energy management strategies

Quick and easy installation using standard tools

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Key Features

Compact & Efficient Design

Solplanet’s Ai-Logger 1000 stands out with its compact and efficient design, measuring a mere 24 x 12.6 x 4.2 cm. This super-compact profile allows for seamless installation, providing users with versatile placement options, whether it’s on a tabletop, mounted on a wall, or secured to a DIN rail. The device’s adaptability shines across diverse scenarios, ensuring not only a space-efficient setup but also ease of configuration, emphasizing its commitment to user-friendly and efficient energy monitoring solutions.

Continuous Connection

The Ai-Logger 1000 excels in data collection, seamlessly gathering information from a versatile array of up to 80 units, including PV inverters, hybrid inverters, smart meters, and weather stations. This rich dataset is efficiently transmitted to the Solplanet Cloud for remote monitoring. The streamlined process not only enhances the overall accessibility but also elevates the functionality of the Ai-Logger 1000, ensuring users experience a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for real-time data gathering and monitoring.

Intelligent Controller

The Ai-Logger 1000 showcases Solplanet’s intelligent controller, a cutting-edge component preloaded with an array of energy management strategies. This includes a sophisticated built-in 0-export limitation function, allowing users to seamlessly regulate energy exports. With this feature-rich design, the Ai-Logger ensures efficient and flexible control over energy usage, enhancing overall performance and adaptability in various scenarios while maintaining a commitment to sustainable and responsible energy consumption.

Connect and Monitor

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Connect & monitor your plant by using our native mobile app from the Google Play Store

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