We make easy-to-install, reliable and
user-friendly products for all types of
photovoltaic systems

Solplanet sees a solar future for homes and businesses. Our high-quality inverters are easy-to-install and user-friendly. We offer:

• Single phase inverters
• Three phase inverters
• Connected monitoring devices
• EV Chargers

Solplanet Hybrid inverter wins Red Dot for high design quality

We are very proud to announce that our new generation of hybrid inverters has been awarded the Red Dot international quality seal for outstanding design.

takes minutes

Installing a Solplanet inverter is really easy. All you need is a set of standard tools. 
Glen Morris, of Smart Energy Lab Australia, loves a good challenge. He installed our Solplanet inverter blindfolded.


Our most
popular inverter

Our engineers refer to the ASW S series as ‘the residential’.
It’s also a big hit among our customers.

Solplanet has shipped many thousands of inverters from this series.
Is this series also right for your customers? 
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Easy-to-install, reliable and user-friendly

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