ASW 45-60K LT-G3 Series

Innovative technology for higher energy yields

ASW 45K-LT-G3 / 50K-LT-G3 / 60K-LT-G3

ASW 45-60K LT-G3 Series

Upgraded reliability and higher yields

Our new ASW 45-60K LT-G3 Series is our latest innovation in three-phase solar inverters. They have been carefully designed to deliver exceptionally high energy yields for large PV system owners. With 150% PV array oversizing and up to 5 MPPTs, these inverters offer a flexible yet effective design that’s been conceived with optimized performance in mind. The built-in ShadeSol shade management system can maintain optimized energy production levels in a variety of environmental conditions.

The ASW 45-60K LT-G3 Series features a compact wall mount design and Phoenix Contact connectors for fast, reliable, and tool-free DC connections and simplicity of overall installation. The fuse-free design with integrated DC switches and type II AC and DC Surge Protection ensure that a Scorpio inverter is safe and reliable, while the IP66-rated design means the inverters can maintain high yields even when installed outdoors. Every inverter in the ASW 45-60K LT-G3 Series can easily connect to the Solplanet App for easy monitoring and commissioning.

Main Benefits

Max. 20A input current per string – ideal for bifacial and large-area PV arrays

Up to 5 MPPTs for flexible PV array design

for outdoor use

ShadeSol shadow management system

Fuse-free design
for enhanced reliability

Easy setup, commissioning, and monitoring via the Solplanet app

Key Features

Simple installation

Our ASW 45-60K LT-G3 Series inverters are a joy to set up for installers because of their compact, wall-mounted design and their tool-free DC connections. Securely attach the mounting bracket, slide the inverters onto the bracket (and secure it), then attach the connections and you’re pretty much done! And as with all of our products, our user-friendly Solplanet App will get you set up quickly and easily.

High reliability

The ASW 45-60K LT-G3 Series’ advanced features like surge protection, integrated DC switches, and IP66 rating make it suitable for a huge variety of installation scenarios. Our new fuse-free design reduces the possibility of equipment failure, enhances reliability and helps reduce overall maintenance costs while the IP66-rated design means the unit remains reliable even when installed outdoors.

Larger energy yields

The ASW 45-60K LT-G3 Series can deliver higher energy yields through its possible 150% PV array oversizing. With up to 5 MPPTs and a maximum of 20 A input current per string, any of our Scorpio three-phase inverters are perfect for big PV installations that need to produce lots of electricity. They also integrate Solplanet’s ShadeSol technology for improved energy production in shaded or non-ideal environmental conditions.

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