SOL EVPOWER EV Charger Series

Sun-powered EV charging stations


SOL EVPOWER EV Charger Series

Steering the world towards sustainable energy

Introducing the SOL EVPOWER electric vehicle charging stations, a source of pride in our Solplanet portfolio since they’re renowned for their innovative design, practicality, and versatility for both single and three phase installations, both indoor and outdoor. 

The SOL EVPOWER Series redefines EV charging with a robust fleet management system, a programmable charging time function, and user-adjustable charging power. Whether indoors or outdoors, in single or three phase installations, these charging stations embody smart and practical solutions for electric vehicle owners. Elevate your charging experience with technology that adapts to your needs, marking a distinctive and exciting addition to the Solplanet lineup

Main benefits

IP65 protection, for outdoor use

User authentication with an RFID reader

LED status indicators

Easy to install using
standard tools

Compact, lightweight, wall mount design

Quick setup via Wi-Fi and app

Key Features

Compact design

Compact and lightweight, the SOL EVPOWER series effortlessly fits into any space. Its easy wall or pole mounting with standard tools streamlines the installation. Quick and easy configuration through Wi-Fi and the app enhances user convenience. This series is a testament to efficient and compact design, delivering simplicity and practicality in electric vehicle charging solutions.

Powerful and versatile

Ranging from 7.4 kW to 22 kW, the single and three-phase EV Charger series offers versatility in power options. This broad range makes the SOLPOWER EV charger Series well-suited for residential and small commercial applications, making it an ideal solution for a wide variety of charging needs.

Safe & Reliable

Our charging solution boasts top-notch safety and compliance standards, including TÜV IEC 61851-1 and CE certifications. It features integrated DC 6mA residual current protection, ensuring an extra layer of safety. The built-in PEN fault detection eliminates the need for additional earth rods, streamlining the installation process. For added security, the Type 2 socket comes with a shutter option. Additionally, the option for dynamic load balancing enhances efficiency and optimizes the charging experience.


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