ASW 8-12K-H-T1 Series

Dependable energy independence

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ASW 8-12K-H-T1 Series

Efficient and reliable energy autonomy

The ASW H-T1 hybrid three-phase inverter series is an exceptionally reliable and flexible solution for residential or small business installations. Featuring dual EPS, these inverters enable hierarchical management of high-demand electrical equipment with a design that accommodates phased battery deployment. This ensures a constant power supply, even when solar generation is temporarily halted.

Solplanet’s ASW H-T1 three-phase hybrid inverter series features a flexible design that supports phased battery deployment, streamlining the installation process for technicians. Monitoring and data visualization are effortless and accessible through the Solplanet App, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Plus, experience uninterrupted power during blackouts with built-in UPS functionality. 

Solplanet’s commitment to thoughtful design and seamless operation makes the ASW H-T1 series a wise and reliable choice for uninterrupted energy needs.

Main Benefits

Dual EPS supports
high-power devices

Supports phased deployment of batteries

IP65-rated design​ for reliable outdoor use

Quick and easy installation using standard tools

Compact and lightweight wall-mounting

Easy commissioning and monitoring with Solplanet app

Key Features

Compact Design

The ASW 8-12K H-T1 series exemplifies a sophisticated and robust design, characterized by its compact dimensions measuring a mere 530x560x200 mm. Weighing in at a remarkably light 30-32 kg (model-dependent), this series seamlessly integrates into both home and business environments. Its elegant aesthetics and resilient build ensure a harmonious fusion with any setting, reflecting our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that embody both style and durability.

Increased Control

Our Dual Electric Power Supply (EPS) provides a sophisticated and adaptable solution for efficiently managing high-demand electrical equipment. The capability to deploy batteries offers a tailored approach, allowing precise customisation of your solar power installation. With its IP65 certification, this unit guarantees weather resistance, ensuring a safe and secure installation whether placed indoors or outdoors. The ASW 8-12K H-T1 series delivers cutting-edge solutions that prioritize flexibility, reliability, and performance, tailored to your specific requirements.

Installation & Monitoring

The ASW 8-12K H-T1 series is engineered for swift and effortless installation using standard tools. With a versatile wall mount configuration, it can be conveniently installed in various locations. The commissioning and monitoring process for the ASW 8-12K H-T1 series inverter is streamlined through the intuitive Solplanet app, accessible on both iOS and Android devices. This seamless integration of hardware and software reflects our commitment to providing accessible and efficient solutions for our users.

ASW 8-12-H-T1 Series

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