Ai-HB G2 Series

Scalable high-voltage energy storage

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Ai-HB G2 Series

Scalable solar energy independence

The Ai-HB G2 Series is our latest high-voltage battery designed for seamless integration with our three phase hybrid inverters. This intelligent energy storage system boasts a modular design, allowing customization up to a maximum capacity of 20.48 kWh to meet your specific needs.

Distinguished by a smart battery management system, it meticulously monitors individual battery cells, optimizing the overall system’s performance. This level of precision ensures long-term reliability and safety. You have the flexibility to configure your installation for self-consumption, peak-saving, and time-of-use optimization, all conveniently monitored through Solplanet’s user-friendly apps.

Installation and compatibility remain effortless, consistent with Solplanet’s commitment to user satisfaction. The Ai-HB G2 Series promises a seamless and adaptable energy storage solution, delivering optimal performance and ease of use for both installers and users alike.

Main Benefits

Modular design for
simple expansion

All-round BMS protection
and LFP-safe technology

Cell-level monitoring
for higher yields

IP65-rated design​ for
reliable outdoor use

Easy commissioning and monitoring with Solplanet app

Quick and easy installation
using standard tools

Key Features


The Ai-HB G2 series revolutionizes energy storage with its modular design, ensuring hassle-free installations through plug-in connections. Its stackable and expandable configuration supports up to 20.48 kWh, accommodating eight modules per unit. This adaptability extends to diverse applications, empowering users to optimize self-consumption, implement efficient peak shaving, and customize loads programmatically based on grid tariffs. The series not only simplifies energy management but also offers flexibility tailored to dynamic consumption needs, ensuring an efficient and scalable solution.


The Ai-HB G2 series ensures unparalleled durability with its IP65-rated design, making it a reliable choice for outdoor applications. Utilizing LFP-safe technology and a comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS), the series offers not only enhanced safety but also prolonged battery lifespans through precise cell-level monitoring. This commitment to robust construction and advanced monitoring positions the Ai-HB G2 series as a dependable solution, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in diverse environments.

Installation & Monitoring

The Ai-HB G2 series prioritizes user convenience with 24/7 online system monitoring, providing real-time insights into energy performance. The seamless integration with Solplanet apps ensures a swift setup and efficient data tracking, allowing users to monitor energy consumption and battery charge/discharge levels effortlessly. As an added advantage, these high-voltage batteries seamlessly integrate with Solplanet’s acclaimed line of hybrid inverters, creating a comprehensive and award-winning solution for advanced energy management.

Ai-HB G2 Series

Installation video

Connect and Monitor

App Store

Connect and monitor your battery using our mobile app available in the Apple App Store.

Google Play

Connect and monitor your battery using our mobile app available in the Google Play Store.

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