ASW 6-10K S Series

The ultimate in ​
single phase inverters

ASW6000-S / ASW8000-S / ASW10000-S

ASW 6-10K S Series

The choice for residential and small business applications

When you need style that makes it easy for an inverter to blend in with your surroundings and the the ultimate in flexibility, here’s the inverter you’ll find that hits the mark.

The ASW 6-10K S series single phase inverter combines all aspects of our winning design approach into a compact, award winning, IP66 rated design. Delivering distinct style, design and silent operation, the ASW 6-10K S inverter blends seamlessly into the comfort of your family or business surroundings. ​

Three independent MPP trackers with up to 150% oversizing of the PV array ensures the ultimate in flexibility. Only one inverter is required for connection to a roof with multiple orientations to the sky with the three MPP tracker design reducing the impact of shade. ​

In addition a maximum input current of 16 A input per string makes the ASW 6-10K S ideal for bi-facial and large space PV modules.

Main Benefits

IP66 rated design​
for indoor or outdoor use

16A input current per string, ideal for bifacial and large area PV modules.

Silent and discreet operation

Quick & easy-to-install with standard tools

3 MPPT’s for ultimate PV plant design flexibility and limits the effects of shading

Easy commissioning & monitoring with Aiswei apps

Key Features


Designed in accordance with international quality and safety standards, the IP66 rated design is able to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions.

DC reverse polarity protection and AC sensitive residual-current monitoring function ensures long-term  operation with a strong focus on safety for installers and end-users.

Robust Power Supply

Three independent MPP trackers means high flexibility for your PV system. With the installation of one ASW 6-10K S series, north, south, east and west facing PV array designs are now possible.​

Up to 150% oversizing of the PV array ensures optimized energy yields over the lifetime of the PV plant.

Easy to install

The ASW 6-10K S series is equipped with Phoenix Contact DC connectors to ensure fast and easy installation with standard tools.​

Convenient Plug & play, Wi-Fi and 4G sticks allow easy monitoring of up to five inverters.​

Quick setup and easy commissioning with the Aiswei App.

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