ASW 5-12kH-T2/T3 Series

Flexible power for
small installations

Three-phase hybrid inverter series for residential and small-scale commercial

ASW 5-12kH-T2/T3 Series

Flexible and smart hybrid inverter solution

The ASW H-T2/T3 three-phase hybrid inverter series is the ultimate solution for residential and small-scale commercial and industrial installations. Elevate your solar experience with Solplanet’s ASW H-T2/T3 series – where elegance meets unwavering performance.

Behind its elegant facade lies a powerhouse with 100% unbalanced three phase AC output during EPS mode, optimising system efficiency for variable loads. Our integrated smart customisable software empowers you to effortlessly manage battery functions in DOD, time of use, and power setting modes. Experience lightning-fast UPS level switching in under 10 ms. Installation is a breeze with basic tools, thanks to Solplanet’s commitment to user-friendly products, and the IP66-certified design ensures worry-free indoor or outdoor installation.

The H-T3 series, equipped with 3 independent MPPTs, offers flexible and higher kWp PV array designs, perfect for bifacial and large PV modules. Meanwhile, the H-T2 series, featuring 2 independent MPPTs, boasts an unbeatable 20A maximum input per string.

Main Benefits

100% unbalanced three phase AC output during EPS mode

IP66-rated design​ for
reliable outdoor use


UPS level switching time
in less than 10 ms

User-friendly monitoring
24/7 with Solplanet App

Quick and easy installation
using standard tools

ASW H-T2 series

2 independent

20A input current
per string

ASW H-T3 series

3 independent

16A input current
per string

Key Features

Easy to install

The ASW 5-12kH-T2/T3 series is designed to be wall-mountable and installed easily with standard tools and the Phoenix Contact PV connectors make these inverters compatible with a wide range of solar panels. Optional Plug & Play Dongles connect them to the internet and allow up to five to be monitored by Solplanet’s user-friendly mobile application. Users can view real-time solar installation data, configure their inverters, and receive system alerts, right in the palm of their hand.

Durable and versatile

The ASW 5-12kH-T2/T3 series of solar inverters embodies power and versatility. With up to 150% PV array oversizing, these inverters maximise yields.100% unbalanced three phase AC output during EPS mode and a UPS-level switching time under 10 ms, they ensure uninterrupted performance. The IP66-rated design ensures durability for outdoor use. A minimum DC input of 60V and a wide MPP voltage range guarantee optimised energy performance, making these inverters ideal for diverse residential rooftop PV systems, accommodating varied designs, scales, and purposes with dynamic efficiency.


The ASW 5-12kH-T2/T3 series offers seamless setup, commissioning, and monitoring through the intuitive Solplanet app. Intelligent work modes and customisable battery management, catering to depth of discharge (DOD), time of use, and power settings, ensure tailored energy solutions. With a maximum 20A input current for the H-T2 and 16A for the H-T3, these inverters are ideal for bifacial and large PV modules. Choose between 3 MPPTs (H-T3) or 2 MPPTs (H-T2) based on the scale of your installation, delivering versatility for varied solar setups.

ASW 5-12kW H-T2/T3 Series

Installation video

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ASW H-T2/T3 + Ai-HB Series

Solar synergy

Our ASW H-T2/T3 series inverters are a perfect match
for our high-voltage battery Ai-HB G2 series.

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