Honorable Title | AISWEI Won the Two Prizes for “China Photovoltaic Brand Rankings List”

AISWEI Technology May 13, 2019

The 4th Century Photovoltaic Conference sponsored by Century New Energy Network was held in Sheraton Hotel Pudong Shanghai on May 10. More than 300 renowned experts and elites from all over the country attended the conference to discuss “Photovoltaic Wisdom and Determination under Reform”

During the dialogue session, Wu Shengwen, Vice President of New Energy Products Technology of AISWEI, on behalf of AISWEI, discussed with experts and scholars from the industry and representatives of enterprises about “the challenges faced by photovoltaic enterprises, ways to better reduce technology costs and how to develop the photovoltaic + mode”.


At the “2018 PVBL Annual Photovoltaic Brand Rankings List” Award Ceremony held in the same period, AISWEI won the “The Most Innovative Technology Enterprise of the Year Award ” and “The Most Influential Distributed Brand of the Year Award “.

In addition, AISWEI New Energy is listed in the PVBL 2018 Top Ten Photovoltaic Brand Value Rankings List for Household Inverters and Cascade Inverters.

PVBL Annual Photovoltaic Brand Rankings List, published by Century New Energy Network in conjunction with Photovoltaic Brand Lab, was founded in 2012. It is the only survey ranking list to evaluate the value of photovoltaic brands in China, and is praised as “China Photovoltaic Market Barometer”. 2018 PVBL Annual Photovoltaic Brand Rankings List, takes the 5 primary indicators of shipment, revenue, research, impact and service, and 10 secondary indicators of brand planning, brand awareness, brand reputation, brand loyalty, commodity quality, service quality, publicity and promotion, social responsibility, industry impact and social impact as the evaluation system, to form the top ten enterprise brand value rankings list for four major categories of photovoltaic power station investors, power station EPC, components, inverters (centralized/cluster/household).

AISWEI (formerly SMA China), formerly owned by the world-renowned solar inverter leading enterprise SMA Group. Based on business and strategic needs, upon equity restructuring, it separates from the SMA Group and began to operate independently in April 2019. AISWEI and SMA Group, after changing from the original subordinate relationship to a deep strategic partner, continues to work closely together in research and development, production, supply chain, customer service and other businesses. AISWEI inherits the 38-year technical deposit of SMA Group, owns internationally recognized laboratories, it is the drafter of many national and international standards, and is the main drafter of Certification Specification for Household Roof Photovoltaic Systems issued by China Quality Certification Center with its technology leadership. The large-scale manufacturing center inherits the advanced inverter manufacturing technology of SMA Group, has a perfect production and quality control system, and establishes a modern warehouse center, which can meet the market demand efficiently and flexibly.

AISWEI adheres to technological innovation, provides high-quality products, actively responds to the needs of the industry, and works with high-quality enterprises in the photovoltaic industry to jointly promote the steady progress of China’s photovoltaic cause.