With Low Price and High Quality, AISWEI New Products are Released in SNEC 2019 “Top Ten Highlights” Press Conference


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AISWEI new products are released in SNEC 2019 “Top Ten Highlights” Press Conference
The AISWEI stand is still popular.

SNEC 2019 “Ten Highlights” Press Conference

Dr. Shi Jian, senior manager of AISWEI Household Product Line
On the afternoon of June 5, AISWEI was invited to participate in the SNEC 2019 “Top Ten Highlights” selection event organized by the exhibition organizers.

Dr. Shi Jian, Senior Manager of AISWEI Household Product Line, delivered a speech on AISWEI’s brand-new product ASW20K-LT.

Dr. Shi Jian introduced that: ASW 20K inverter can be used in 380V low-voltage three-phase grid-connected large-scale household and small-scale commercial photovoltaic projects. It has many types of applications and is quite flexible.

This new product inherits the consistent German quality gene, for maintaining high stability, high online rate advantage, giving consideration to high cost performance, and trying to achieve photovoltaic grid parity in Chinese market.

In the trend of grid parity, cost reduction and efficiency improvement has become the consensus of the photovoltaic industry. In response, Dr Shi Jian said: On the premise of not affecting the quality of products, technological innovation is the right way to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Through years of development and cooperation with SMA Group, AISWEI has established a complete product development system and quality management system.

At present, we have a complete R & D team and simulation platform, our laboratory is the witness laboratory of international authoritative certification bodies, and the experimental data are recognized by the major certification bodies.

We mutually share the key technology and patents with SMA Group and continuously innovate in new technology field.

At the same time, AISWEI introduced a 6-year standard warranty plan in the industry, so that there is no need for users during the return on investment period to worry about inverter maintenance issues.