Ai-HB 2.56LG Series

Scalable energy
storage solutions

Ai-HB 2.56LG

Ai-HB 2.56LG Series

Adaptive and agile modular design

The Ai-HB 2.56LG series sets a new standard for high-voltage batteries, offering reliable and fully customizable energy storage for homes and businesses. With exceptional charge and discharge rates, its scalable design accommodates up to 25.6 kWh across 10 modules. Engineered for safety and longevity, the integrated LFP technology ensures extended charge retention. The comprehensive BMS protection system provides flexibility in optimizing self-consumption, peak-savings, and time-of-use strategies. 

Seamlessly monitor and manage your energy system remotely through the user-friendly Solplanet mobile application, allowing you to keep a close eye on the operation and maximize the yield of your solar installation.
The modular design not only ensures scalability but also simplifies maintenance and upgrades. The Ai-HB 2.56LG series is not just a solution; it’s a sustainable investment in the future of efficient energy management.

Main Benefits

All-round BMS protection
and LFP-safe technology

Modular design for
simple expansion

High-quality cells for
longer lifespans

IP65-rated design​ for
reliable outdoor use

Easy commissioning and monitoring with Solplanet app

Quick and easy installation
using standard tools

Key Features


• Modular design is easy-to-install with simple cable connections
The Ai-HB 2.56LG series boasts an effortlessly modular design, facilitating easy installations using easy cable connections. Its scalability can accommodate up to 25.6 kWh over a possible 10 modules. This adaptability extends to diverse applications, from enhancing self-consumption to efficient peak shaving, and even enabling programmable loads based on grid tariffs. The user-friendly design ensures not only ease of use but also a versatile energy solution tailored to your evolving needs and preferences.


The Ai-HB 2.56LB series was designed in accordance with international quality and safety standards and is a robust family of extremely reliable high-voltage batteries. The IP65 certification rating also means these inverters will maintain their reliability in a wide range of environmental conditions. The all-encompassing Battery Management System (BMS) actively monitors voltage, current, and temperature, effectively controlling the state of charge for optimal performance, and LFP-safe technology guarantees secure long-term operation.

Installation & Monitoring

The Ai-HB 2.56LG series prioritizes user convenience with 24/7 online system monitoring, providing real-time insights into energy performance. The seamless integration with Solplanet apps ensures a swift setup and efficient data tracking, allowing users to monitor energy consumption and battery charge/discharge levels effortlessly. As an added advantage, these high-voltage batteries seamlessly integrate with Solplanet’s acclaimed line of hybrid inverters, creating a comprehensive and award-winning solution for advanced energy management.

Connect and Monitor

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Connect and monitor your battery using our mobile app available in the Apple App Store.

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Connect and monitor your battery using our mobile app available in the Google Play Store.

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