SOL AIRPOWER heat pump series

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SOL-006HC1 | SOL-010HC3 | SOL-014HC3 | SOL-018HC3

SOL AIRPOWER heat pump series

Contemporary heating using the sun

Discover SOL AIRPOWER, an innovative and environmentally conscious solution to heating your home by leveraging the unique physical properties of refrigerants to efficiently transfer heat from the surroundings into your living spaces. Solplanet’s SOL AIRPOWER heat pumps stand out not only for their efficiency but also for their aesthetic appeal. With a diverse range of models, these heating-cooling devices are tailored to suit different building types, whether a new, energy-efficient construction or a retrofit adapting to low-temperature heating. 

These units are currently available in select European markets, including Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, and Lithuania. For inquiries and purchases, connect with your local Solplanet representative and warm your space with these cutting-edge solutions.

Main Benefits

Intelligent defrost feature

Modern R32 refrigerant

High-quality energy

Panasonic EVI compressor

Sleek & innovative design

Controllable via remote control

Key Features

All-weather Performance

Explore unparalleled efficiency with our cutting-edge system with the SOL AIRPOWER heat pump. With an additional refrigerant injection for peak performance, this technology enables operation in extreme temperatures as low as -30°C, contributing to a remarkable 30% increase in heat pump efficiency. This innovative design ensures optimal functionality, making it a reliable and efficient solution for diverse heating and cooling needs, setting a new standard in performance and adaptability for your comfort.

Versatile and efficient

With the capacity to reach a maximum feed water temperature of 60°C, alongside high COP values and convenient remote control via a Wi-Fi module, SOL AIRPOWER heat pump offers versatile and efficient solutions. The intelligent defrost feature enhances overall functionality, making it a comprehensive choice for your heating and cooling requirements. This system ensures adaptability and optimal performance, providing a reliable and streamlined solution for diverse environmental and comfort needs.

Safe and Reliable

The SOL AIRPOWER heat pump surpasses international quality standards, earning prestigious TÜV certification and incorporating cutting-edge DC leakage current detection. Committed to excellence, this charging system ensures safety, reliability, and performance at every level. Adherence to stringent benchmarks guarantees a top-tier charging experience, meeting and exceeding expectations. The advanced safety features add an extra layer of protection, underscoring our commitment to providing a secure and efficient solution for electric vehicle charging, setting a new standard in quality and innovation.

Manage your heating remotely

Thanks to the remote control system, you can control the operation of your SOL AIRPOWER from your phone, computer, and even TV (if it has an internet browser).

Download the app.

Questions & Answers

Il dispositivo è stato ampiamente testato a temperature estremamente basse e con vari livelli di umidità dell’aria esterna. Sulla base di queste esperienze, è stato sviluppato un algoritmo che utilizza tutti i parametri disponibili per ottenere il miglior effetto di sbrinamento dello scambiatore di calore. Grazie a questo, il tempo di sbrinamento è breve ed efficace.

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