When we state that Solplanet brings solar for everybody, is because we believe that the future of our planet is solar, and we are focused on making this transition easy, because at the bottom of it all we are looking to make people’s lives easier, more sustainable and environmentally conscious. We are working hard on the ground level to ensure that solar energy is available for everybody. Together, with international designers, we’ve created a range of solar inverters that are easy-to-install, user friendly and reliable. Our inverters exceed an annual 5GW capacity and are manufactured in line with German quality standards by leading PV engineers, at a truly affordable price range. Our efforts have definitely been well received by the solar community since we are already selling over 300,000 inverters every year!

We are confident in our products, but we seldom talk about one of our most important assets: Our team. Behind our success there’s an international passionate group of individuals all sharing the same goal, to bring Solar for everybody, and without them, we wouldn’t have come this far. We’d like to introduce you to some of our international key members, who are working side by side with installers, distributors and end-users:

We want to start Andy (Kun Deng) and Winston (Schenwen Wu), two of our headquarters’ most experienced leaders in our development center in China. They’ve been with the company through many stages, and proudly giving continuity to our heritage and know-how in the PV industry.

If your area of action is the Australian market, you’ve probably met Peter Geeves already, since he’s the one leading our team Down Under. He knows our products so well that he can literally install the inverters blindfolded! Peter is always approachable and available for a chat. If you are interested in the Solplanet range of new generation inverters, the ones that offer a full 10-year warranty, and based in Australia, he is the man to contact. To help him, Peter has a local tech support team and Rita in the headquarters, that comes over to Australia as often as she can.

In Poland, our market expansion has been growing substantially, if you are interested in our products and located in in this area, you’ve got to meet Adam Rosiak. Adam is constantly sharing his expertise, ensuring that installers, distributors and end-users have everything they need to get the most out of Solplanet’s products. Together with Adam, Sylwia Koza has been working through our communication department, pioneering new campaigns in the fast-growing Polish market.

In the Netherlands, we are proud to rely on Frank Baanders, who is not only managing our growth in the Dutch region, but also expanding to exciting new markets. Frank is keeping in close contact with some very successful first product installations on a ground level. We fully trust our inverters, but Frank and the team are helping us to truly realize Solar for everybody.

Turkish installers, distributors and end-users: If you signed up for more information on Solplanet you’ve probably spoken to Huseyin Buyukbektas already, not new to the PV industry, but one of our newest members in the Solplanet team. Huseyin has a solid experience in the industry, and fell in love with our products when we first contacted him. He’s leading the introduction of Solplanet in Turkey, and is a great example of why our people are so important to our mission.

We are proud and confident of our product, but even more so of our team, because at the end of the day, companies are made up of people. We are still in a process of expanding our teams in new markets. If you want information in your local area, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can depend on Solplanet

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